Wednesday, March 30, 2011

97.7 the Beach is moving to a new location

Bayshore Broad      Press Release From Deb Shaw, Bayshore Broadcasting.
As I am sure you can appreciate radio stations have specific requirements.  Our owner was approached by real estate and shown a building on Highway 26 (outside the Wasaga Beach boundry) that was built specifically for the purpose of broadcast. A building perfectly suited for our needs. A building that will allow us to grow and to better serve the entire Southern Georgian Bay region. This was a business decision, a decision that allows us to grow in order to help our advertisers do the same.
While it is true that we have outgrown our space on Mosley it is not true that will be changing our name or our focus.

I want to assure you that Wasaga Beach is not losing 97.7 the Beach. We will still be broadcasting from our tower located in the Sports Park in Wasaga Beach. We will still be involved in all activities and events in Wasaga Beach. We will still be the local news voice for Wasaga Beach.
The studio is just where our people work, it is not the station. A radio station is what it delivers over the airwaves. It is its people and community involvement that’s important. None of that is changing. We are 97.7 the Beach
Deb Shaw,       Vice President Promotions
General Manager 97.7 the Beach  705-422-0970

What has 97-7 the Beach brought to Wasaga Beach since May, 2007?
  • More daily news of Wasaga Beach than any other news source
  • Accurate beach weather forecasting
  • Unprecedented access to the airwaves for local politicians
  • Unprecedented access to the airwaves for the local community in general
  • Stimulating discussion of local issues
  • Enthusiastic support for local causes
  • Participation in local events
  • Emergency broadcasts during power outages
  • Effective service for local clients
  • Shop local campaign in tough economy
  • Promoted the Beach through our web site
  • Introduced and promoted local history through the Nottawasaga Explorer
  • Staged two major environmental conferences
  • Created an annual environmental award
  • Sponsorship of over 75 local events and promotions

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