Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wasaga Beach Memories ..As We Were!

Here are just a few pix that may be of interest.

They include, a pic I took of some of "the gang" during one of our many weekends here in The Beach during the 70's. You may recognize Doug Adams and Doug Rowbotham standing beside Mrs. Timlock... who used to own the good ole Dardanella.


The Giant Slide

Bowling Alley in The Dardanella (note the ads over the lanes)

The El Morocco (where the Villa Nova Motel is now, next to Pedro's. It was owned by Jack Prezio's Mom and Dad. Jack worked there as a kid and met his wife there)

Mighty Pope poster from The Windjammer Room (Capstan Hotel) Earle (The Mighty Pope) performed at this year's Wasaga Beach Fest!

Main Street and Midway

AND... a "Then and Now" group that I put together showing us snowmobiling in the parking lot of the Bon Air Motel. (one of our regular winter spots)  I'm on one of the Yamaha's in the group photo. Note the good ole Normandy Hotel across the street... exactly where our Boston Pizza is now!

Cool eh?

Talk soon.

Joe Bickerstaff

Then and Now


  1. I remember I use to play with the Mighty Pope Band at the Windjammer in the summer. It was beautiful and lots of fun. I am going to take a trip there one of these days to see what is going on now. Fun Days.

  2. I remember the Mighty Pope and one very special Labor Day show at the Windjammer