Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candle Light Service this Christmas Eve! Woodland Beach Community Church

I promised you some Woodland Beach stuff. I'm sure you have been waiting and waiting ... thinking "I need to know more of the wee Church that Joe spoke of"... so here you go.Candle Light Service this Christmas Eve!                                                            Years ago, I took the text from a Tiny Township publication about the history of the Township... so it's here. Also, I have the "program" from the 50th Anniversary Service... that I scanned and it's attached. The pix are from yesterday as I drove by. Today they were digging out the entrance. It is almost across the street from where our old Woodland Beach cottage used to be. It's a great little Church and I wish I could go the the service this Christmas Eve. They have now been doing it for I think 4 years. Kinda cool I think!!

Joe Bickerstaff

Beach Booster Streetscapes Ltd.

Text from Recollections-Woodland Church

 WB Church50th_Page_01

WB Church50th_Page_07

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