Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Help For Haitians


Collection headquarters. Wasaga Beach Rotarian Peter de Boer and his wife Sharon are coordinating the collection of hundreds of items that will be delivered to Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic in March. Please help by donating items at a number of drop-off locations in the area.                       photo: Trina Berlo

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WASAGA BEACH – A group of local people preparing to deliver supplies and services to impoverished Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic is looking to the community to help gather supplies.

The trip is organized by the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach and Area and the team will include two dentists, two doctors and a nurse. Aside from providing medical and dental care the team will also distribute a number of items to refugees living in six makeshift villages near Puerto Plata.

Items being collected:

Protein powder food supplements: As many as possible
Personal hygiene packs:  750+
(People are welcome to assemble the kits or donate items such as hand soap, shampoo, washcloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, Aspirin, Band-Aids, hand mirrors, tweezers and sewing kit.)
Crank type flashlights: 250+
Work gloves: 80 minimum
Aspirin/Tylenol/Advil (small bottles): 250+  
Coloring books and crayons: 300 sets
Hair bands and barrettes: 250 +  
Children's flip-flops: 200 pairs+   
Combs, brushes and hair picks: 500+
Skipping ropes: 250
Hand mirrors: 100
Frisbees: 100  
Yo-yos: 50+

Distribution team coordinator Peter de Boer said the most important items include protein powder, which is added to food to enhance the villagers' protein deficient diet, crank flashlights, work gloves and various personal hygiene items that will be used to make up more than 750 kits.  

He said he is also looking for a source for more than 100 mosquito nets treated with insecticide to protect people from malaria. Anyone with a source for mosquito nets is asked to contact de Boer at 705-322-4150.


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