Friday, August 12, 2011

Expanded Public Transit.. but Bench Removed


In addition to the new transit link between Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, the existing River Road East route of Wasaga Beach Transit has been extended offering the service to residents of the east end of River Road East, all the way over to Archer Road. (Wasaga Beach - Tiny Twp town line). Residents along River Road East have been asking for this service, as have our neighbours in Woodland Beach to the north. Beach BOOSTER welcomes any extension of Public Transit as we look to make Wasaga Beach less auto dependant. As a result, Beach BOOSTER Streetscapes Ltd. provided a welcoming rest stop at the turn around point of the new service. We added colourful floral arrangements to the transit stop bench and created a custom sign for this location. (see photo)
Unfortunately, one weekend cottager in Tiny Township (who does not have a place in Wasaga Beach) took offence to the new service being offered to those who had been requesting it and also lodged several complaints regarding the installation of the community friendly bench. Beach BOOSTER Streetscapes has since removed the bench from this location.
As always, beach BOOSTER aims to be your local voice. Please let us know your thoughts about the new service in the east end of town to Woodland Beach and if there is a need for a comfortable bench at this location. We are local! We are Wasaga Beach! We are Beach BOOSTER! Contact 705-716-1670 or email:!


  1. I have just heard about this through the email that Joe sent out on behalf of Beach Booster. I'm not clear why one non-resident has had the power to have a bench removed and to challenge something that full time residents require. It strikes me that this is completely unfair and should not be tolerated. Let me know if there is anything I can do to challenge this situation.

  2. I was so excited that the bus route has been extended and right here to the Woodland border. I have taken it twice now...yay...and then see this nonsense. I am piffed beyond words that one cranky, selfish, miserable SOB complained - and that it had to be removed. They also complained about the fumes?? - really a small 12 seater bus that goes by every 90 mins.

    This is a great idea, a great gesture for many reasons primarily a pretty spot for the older residents to sit and rest while waiting for the bus - or even just out for a walk (okay - some of us middle age no-so-fit residents also ;)

    The bench was not on anyone's property and was partially hidden by the row of cedars. Does Tiny have a say? or is it still Wasaga at that point?

    I've told peoplehere - permanent and seasonal - and left a copy of the Beach Booster up at the Beach Frog. Start a petition, leave a phone number for us to call and request it (Tiny or Wasaga?) let us know what we can all do Joe.

    We can't allow one or two people to deny everyone else, affect the greater good..etc...blah blah blah.

    Or we can organise a small rally one Saturday morning down at the corner requesting politely that a bench be put there. Call the radio, or whomever - maybe embarrass them.

    Let us know


  3. okay maybe the rally was a bit over the top. But we can make calls.