Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wasaga Beach Weather Day 082011


From Joe Bickerstaff

Was down at Beach Area One yesterday when the storm hit! It was amazing to see how the beach was cleared and folks were told to get out of the bay by Park Staff, when the ominous clouds formed over the water! Although overcast, all was good... but then suddenly it looked scary. Ontario Parks vehicles with emergency lights flashing were racing up and down the sand getting folks out of the water and off the beach. The busy beach was cleared in about 10 minutes... with masses of people looking for cover as the rain started and the high winds came from nowhere. It appeared many Corvette owners decided to leave the parking lots and the beach front. Perhaps the Cruise was cancelled. Any bar with a roof was suddenly packed with people and the roads were blocked with Vettes and other vehicles leaving the beach. The quick clearing of the beach would have made a really cool video... but I did not have my real cam with me! Could not get near a bar to order a beer with the crowds and all the staff looked overwhelmed, so I simply got in my truck and waited in the long line of traffic to move.

From Bill Frieday


What a great story for beach BOOSTER 22 or the blog or both...I was the "Starter" at Wasaga Sands Golf Club all day Saturday. What a beautiful day to start off...but then in the afternoon everything changed as it did on the Beach. We had a couple of small tournaments out on the course and looking at those same ominous clouds and the thunder and lightening we blew the storm warning horn which means take cover or better still get off the golf course. Most people just took cover. Golfers got wet but no serious casualties. It was a weather day for sure. 


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