Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Luxury eco-toilet includes foot warmer and music system

Toilets don’t often make it onto our virtual pages here at Beach BOOSTER, and the last one we covered was back in 2010. That was an eco-iconic innovation focusing primarily on water efficiency, but recently we came across one with a broader ambition. New from Kohler, the Numi toilet is not only water-efficient, but it offers a raft of luxury features as well.

Priced at USD $6390 the Numi toilet features WaterSense technology designed to use at least 20 percent less water than a standard 1.6-gallon toilet while still meeting strict flushing performance guidelines. Among the unit’s many luxury features, meanwhile, are a built-in deodorizer, bidet functionality, an integrated air dryer, illuminated panels and a heated seat. If that weren’t enough, the Numi’s lid and seat are motion-activated, while a foot-warming system emits warm air from floor-level vents. What’s more, the toilet’s built-in speakers let the user play FM radio or a selection of tracks from the Numi toilet’s pre-programmed audio, or they can connect an MP3 player through the audio input jack in the remote docking station. A touch-screen enables interaction with the toilet’s features. The video below provides a brief introduction.

The Numi is available in white from registered distributors in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Retailers everywhere else: one to bring to high-end consumers in your neck of the woods?

Website: www.kohler.com/numi
Contact: NUMI@kohler.com

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