Monday, June 18, 2012

Concerned Mom and Wasaga Beach Resident.....Does This Belong to You???

Does this belong to you? We walked to the beach today as we usually do when it's nice. Lib and I are hand in hand walking in the water. I saw something red beside a patch of rocks. I reached down only to discover it was half of the bottom of a glass beer mug! So where is the rest of the mug? Shattered in between rocks right where we were walking! I got Lib out of there and picked up as much broken glass as I could see. We were inches away from a trip to the hospital with a little girl. It's nice that you can come to our town for the weekend, but respect the place that we live and love. Respect where our children play...and lastly, please think twice before being a complete idiot and doing something like this!

Concerned Mom and Wasaga Beach Resident

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  1. This is happening far too often. Residents have to be ready to report incidents like this to the Police. It has to stop.