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Breakfast at the Beach Thursday, August 9th at Wasaga Sands Golf Club

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Breakfast At The Beach: a Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce networking eventCheck the Chamber website for future networking events (and more).
Hello Joe Bickerstaff, (Beach Booster Promotions)
The next Breakfast at the Beach is on Thursday 09 August, 2012 at Wasaga Sands Golf Club, 10 Club Court, Wasaga Beach, from7:00am to 8:30am.
This month we are trying something new — extending our networking time and giving each person attending an opportunity to speak more about themselves and their business in an organized fashion. We are asking everyone to try out their networking skills with a variety of different people. We have created a number of networking 'situations' that will be facilitated by the MC to stimulate you to come up with an interesting response in a limited time.
The situations are ones in which we find ourselves in every day events where you are asked, or have an opportunity, to tell someone something about you and your business. The opportunity in this event is to speak about your business directly to one person. This allows you to get your message out in a spontaneous way and to provide other people with information about you that they wouldn't have otherwise known.
While many people struggle with networking, and some in fact dislike it intensely, it is an important fact of business life these days that is well worth the effort to master. People do genuinely want to do business with people that they know and trust. This event is designed to assist you in moving into your networking world with greater confidence and a larger repertoire of your positive marketing messages.
We have arranged a number of situations, directed by an MC, where you are challenged to communicate certain facets of yourself and/or your business for a short period of time, no longer than a minute. You will address a different person each time.
This month's breakfast will include our now regular opportunity of becoming a Featured Business for those who attend. Should your card be drawn, a two-paragraph promotional blurb about your business will be emailed to all members, one month of advertising in Wasaga'sbeach BOOSTER, and a one-month banner advertisement will appear on the Chamber web site, as well as a thumbnail with this invitation:
Featured Member: Dianna Chycki 
As a CENTURY 21® Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My extensive personal knowledge of the local Real Estate market is combined with the power of the CENTURY 21 brand - the most recognized name in Real Estate today.
Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want. Or, if you are interested in selling a property, I also have the expertise to help you get the fastest sale possible and at the best price.
I look forward to the opportunity of working for you!
You can find out more at her website, email her at dianna.chycki@century21.ca
or call her on 705-429-2121
The breakfast is $15 for Chamber members and $18 for non-members. This is an opportunity to network and get to know other business owners in the Beach.
Registration begins at 7:00 am and the formal part of the breakfast ends at 8:30 am. However, you are welcome to stay and network further until 9:00 am.
Please confirm your attendance:  
Our sponsors are:

Check out Beach Booster for what's happening at the Beach and how it can promote your business
Listen to 97.7 the Beach, for Chamber events and interviews.

Alternatively, you can call the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce at 705-429-8671 and register your intention to attend. More information aboutBreakfast at the Beach is available online at the Chamber website.
Once you have confirmed your intention, your attendance will be registered and you will receive a confirmation email.
Should you change your mind and decide to not attend, could you please make this known either on the link or by contacting the Chamber. We appreciate your attention to this particular detail since our hosts like to have a reasonable estimate of attendance.
We look forward to seeing you at the Wasaga Sands Golf Club on the 9th August,
The Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Networking Committee.

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