Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wasaga Beach..... Police Enforcing Strict is Fair

OPP making sure everyone is respectful and there are no party poopers


Wasaga Beach has been a party place for young people on the 
Victoria Day weekend for years now.But police say they're hoping to keep a lid on damage and drunken behaviour this year with the 'Strict is Fair' program.
Huronia West OPP, which patrols Wasaga, say the program is designed to convince visitors to the town to treat the area with respect. Constable Mark Kinney says people wouldn't think of walking down their own streets carrying a beer, so there's no need to think about walking down the streets of Wasaga Beach with a beer, either.
He says the zero tolerance approach has led to fewer problems on the long weekend in the past few years.

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