Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Beach Talk Podcast with Gary Cerantola Originally Broadcast on September 29th ...Wasaga Beach High School

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  1. I have seen at least 3 parent groups over the last 12 years initiate a proposal to get a high school in Wasaga only to be cut off at the knees with old school arguments (pun intended) that are based on short term thinking. The school boards are good at taking our limited tax dollars and coming up with reasons about why it could not work rather than coming up with options for making it work. I like your ideas Gary about merging two or more entities to make it much more cost effective. The challenge will be to get the several parties to come to the same table to work out a workable plan to make it happen. We need people with a CAN DO attitude like yourself rather than people who just come up with reasons why it can't happen. There is lots of money contributed by the public to the various levels of government - they need to get better at spending on projects that are in the best interests of the community rather than on their individual and narrowly scoped budgets. Perhaps a zero based budget for a library, a high school, a new skating rink, a movie theatre, a live theatre and beach entertainment centre would be a good way to initiate a CAN DO approach,

    Ed Gimpelj - concerned Wasaga Beach resident for 13 1/2 years,