Sunday, December 22, 2013


Ken Avann from CSRA said he was excited to be attending SLEDFEST in Wasaga Beach. Avann commented, “It’s nice to see events for sledders and a place for them to race other than the trails... and finally, I can watch and enjoy an event without working!” Yes, the CSRA is a Pro Race, but if you never raced in your life, this is the circuit to start on. CSRA holds races all over Canada and is open to anyone who wants to race. From 5 to 55, CSRA welcomes all. Avann will have an Info Booth set up at SLEDFEST to answer questions about how to get into Snowcross. Look for the CSRA tent! During our discussion with Avann, he commented, “there are no more excuses for guys racing on trails. We give them Snowcross, you give them Drag Races and OFSC gives them trails to ride on... NOT RACED ON!” We will see you at Wasaga Beach SLEDFEST 2014. January 4th & 5th at our World Famous Main Beach. For more info on CSRA check out www.SNOWCROSS.COM

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  1. looking foward o racer s big day at sledfest ,all is going awsome racers see you all there