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WASAGA BEACH – May 9, 2014 - Beach BOOSTER Radio is pleased to announce BEACH CORNER  hosted by Dianna Chycki has reached another milestone with over 100 interviews. 

Since Beach Corner’s inception in November 2012, Dianna interviewed many local artists and organizers as well as worldwide exclusive interviews via Skype from Sweden, Japan, California and Montreal. 
“I can’t believe I’ve completed over 100 interviews. We have an abundance of talented people in our 
town and it’s my pleasure to introduce them to our community,” said Dianna.

Dianna has been a  resident of Wasaga Beach for the past 12 years. She’s been a great supporter for our 
community and beach BOOSTER Group is delighted to have Dianna part of our team. 

With her eclectic background and unique perspective, Dianna is Co-chair of the Annual Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival, assisting this new found non-profit organization for the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce, in recruiting celebrities, organizing media reporters, set design, scheduling on air interviews, producing the Red Carpet Gala Awards and representing Promote Wasaga to various events. 

Conscripted by the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce, Dianna co-hosted the Wasaga Beach Santa Claus Parade for the past three years for Rogers TV. 

A former professional figure skater, Dianna performed skating shows around the world. Her background is radio and television and she is passionate about this industry. She will be hosting the Bean 2 Tween Fashion Show scheduled Saturday, May 17th in Collingwood 

Here is what her guests are saying: 

“Whenever there is a community event, Dianna is there to support! Thank you Dianna to your years of service to Wasaga Beach and for promoting the efforts of others. Beach Corner is a valuable and informative asset to our community!” Tanya Snell, Owner of What's up Hut, Wasaga Beach ( 

"Dianna Chycki is very talented at what she does! In our past interviews on Beach Corner, she has always made me feel very comfortable and asks interesting questions. She isn't afraid to laugh and have a good time; this is exactly the kind of person artists want when being interviewed.” Rebecca Stephens, Singer/Songwriter from Wasaga Beach.

“Interviews with Dianna are always so much fun. Whether we meet at the beach BOOSTER studio or out at 
community events she makes you feel right at home and has an entertaining way of sharing stories with her 
audience. I’m always thrilled to be a guest or listener of beach BOOSTER radio.” Mel Pockaj, Host of Georgian Bay Life for Rogers Cable TV in Collingwood.

“I have had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dianna Chycki on Beach Booster Radio on two occasions. On each occasion, not only was it clear that Dianna was well prepared and she had done her research on the topic, she quickly made me feel at ease and relaxed. Her interview style is friendly and she manages to flush out all the relevant details her listeners need.” Rose Pellar, Author, Speaker and Trainer, Wasaga Beach 

“Being a guest on Beach Corner is simply a blast. Not only is Dianna remarkably well prepared for the interview at hand, but she makes the experience breezy and fun. Her engaging and generous personality always shines through and immediately puts her guests at ease. I can’t say enough about her and her wonderful program.” Richard Botto, Founder and CEO, Stage 32, Los Angeles, California (

“Beach BOOSTER Group is very lucky to have Dianna as part of our team. Dianna is a valued contributor to both Beach BOOSTER Radio and our local beach BOOSTER publication and continues to support our mandate of promoting Wasaga Beach in a positive way while making our community an even better place to live, visit and do business!” Joe Bickerstaff of Beach BOOSTER Group.

Beach Corner is a weekly U-stream radio show airing Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. ET and 

7:00 p.m. ET on entertainment, events and festivals in and around the beach. Beach Corner is a regular
feature of Beach Booster publication published twice a month. If you wish to be a guest on Beach Corner 
please contact
Beach BOOSTER Radio is an Internet Radio Station, an important part of the beach BOOSTER Group. 
Beach BOOSTER group is all about the beach and making our community an event better place to live, 
work, visit and do business. We are proud to sponsor and present many community events throughout 
the year. Keep up-to-date with upcoming Special beach BOOSTER Events at

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