Saturday, November 2, 2013

Melina Top 10 Podcast in Spanglish

Milena Top 10 is a radio show that runs every Sunday on It is an entertainment program produced by DJLesterMix and Milena Vald├ęs, a young girl, who has just made her debut at the world of radio. Milena Top 10 is the music countdown of the week, the 10 most popular Latin songs. It's based on different publications and requests made by the audience to Latin radio stations, across north American. The program is segmented into 5 parts which are sponsored by different companies. The voice of Milena gives a fresh and youthful touch to the program where Spanish and English is spoken simultaneously, a little bit informal but a fact in the reality of our city, this has the aim of being able to reach listeners which often does not feel identified by any local radio station because they are people who speaks Spanish and English at the same time and since this is becoming a growing trend in radio and TV (Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, Mega 94.9 Miami, El Zol 95.7 Miami, Latino 96.3 Los Angeles, La Mega 97.9 New York, Mun2TV, Tr3s MTV3, just to name a few) we will attempt to reach out all the people who love Latin music and enjoy it day by day. Our proposal is quite simple: entertain and give the chance to our listeners to enjoy today's popular music.Thanks for listening!!!!!! Milena Top 10 is a presentation of DJLesterMix #Donde Nacen Los Hits #We Play The Music First

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