Friday, November 1, 2013

Nobody Wants To Get Blasted

The day after Halloween.
The first day of the month.
Less than 60 days (and counting) until 2014!
Big welcome to this week's newest subscribers. That's right. I'm talking about you Nathan, Cora, Angela, Darren, Kate, Malinda + more! Thanks so much for joining us. Buckle up!
So, are you wondering about today's subject line? "Nobody Wants To Get Blasted" is the title of a song shared with the world yesterday.
Kinda fun, right? And what a great voice Julie has! Oh, and it's true, nobody wants to get blasted - marketing is about conversations, not campaigns. 

    Nobody wants to get blasted
A long long time ago
In the days of old
Direct mail campaigns
Were a marketer’s gold
Commercial email marketing evolved
We’ll get ‘em fast 
With batch and blast
Problem will be solved!
But No –
Ain’t nobody wants to get blasted
We want conversations
Email content that engages
Cause No – 
Ain’t nobody wants to get blasted
All that you’re missin’
Can be corrected if you just listen

As Marketing Specialist at Outward Media Inc., Julie Neumark heads up the strategy, content and creation for the company’s social media outlets. Neumark is also a published songwriter with song placements in film and television and an album released (Dimestore Halo) in both Europe and the USA.

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